Rafting has captured great interests of tourists visiting Himachal & Kullu. For adventure enthusiasts rafting has a splashing promise to deliver. The  mighty river Beas along with its tributaries offer irresistible excitement  to adventure lovers. The fascinating rafting sites of Mohal, Raison &  Katrain offer wonderful grades & fun !

Himachal has just everything for everyone! For lovers of paragliding & flying, Himachal Himalayas offer the best launch sites in the world where it feels like a bird in heaven. The beautiful Himalayan ranges and snow packed mountains give a spectacular view. Paragliding is a sport in which Himachal Guys have reached a landmark, they are all well adept to the wind movements, precautionary measures as well as rescue to handle any situation. Paragliding is a brave sport, only suitable for brave hearts.

Camping in Himachal Himalayas is unforgettable. The camp sites are not just wonderful but they are also clean and nature's beauty is respected as a part of learning with camping fun !

Himalayas are a challenge for brave and spirited people. The great mountain ranges and a fluctuating snow line gives Himachal very tough & cold climate. over the last few years many adventure enthusiasts are turning towards Himachal Himalayas for the everlasting taste of adventure.


Staying in Manali for two or three days.Have you got bored of roaming around in Manali town and surrounding areas? Is your stay in Manali too short to allow you to take a romantic trek? Want to do something unique? Do you enjoy the natural beauty?? Here is an answer, an opportunity for you to do away with all these kind of question that popup in the mind, every single minute that you spend here, in Manali Come explore the Himalayas and unleash the adventurer that you are. We provide you an opportunity to visit some of the most fascinating and beautiful locales around some of the famous hill stations of Himachal.

Operational Season: Most of them can be operated through out the year.
Rating: moderate


Patalsu peak: travel by car from manali to solang its 11 km. from manali town. Trek starat from solang and following the trail strata for patalsu which present beautiful view of valley on top and Return back making a circle of whole day.

Dashaur Lake: Travel by car from Manali to Rohtang Pass its 50 km. from manali town.Trek takes 4 hours to reach Dashaur Lake. Return back the same evening. It will take a whole day.

Lamadugh: trek start from Manali and following the trail from the right side of Hadimba temple reach Lamadugh, which presents beautiful views of Manali and Kullu valley. Return back making a circle of 10 kms to Hadim. Its whole day hike.

Magnukot: Trek start from old Manali village right to a high point on top of Manali known as Magnukot and descend to Bangh. Trek ends in Manali. Its take whole day.

Sollang Valley: Trek start from old Manali to Sollang Nallah. Trek starts along the right bank of Beas river through villages, green fields and orchards with beautiful valleys, forests & mountain view to old Manali village covering 11 kms. And come back by car for manali.

Jogni fall: Travel by car from Manali to Vashist village. Start the trek from here to the waterfall, onward to Goshal village and old Manali village covering 8 kms.